Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reflections of 2010

This may take a few my thoughts have been numerous and our blessings many, but one of those blessings has learned to climb on tables and counter-tops and well I've discovered a huge disadvantage of the much coveted open floor plan!
While adorable to photograph, the vision of him plummeting head first to the ceramic tile below has kept me on my toes!  And he has learned the meaning of "Edward Finn!!!!!!!!!!" and "do you want to be spanked?!"...unfortunately so far neither has deterred him from trying and succeeding to climb faster than this mommy can run.

But back to the reflections.  Life has a way of happening and as we survive the twists and turns we learn and grow and 2010 has been a year of life.  My reflections and perspective have been significantly altered by the events of the last 15 months.  Many of those events while life changing will not be mentioned, as well...they just won't.  But as I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and the Lord has a purpose in everything, we are moving forward from 2010 awaiting many more blessings and lessons, one or two are expected the rest...

But my recent reflections have been inspired by a recent homily, yes in all miracles most Mass's I can actually hear and absorb the homily despite the efforts of the 4 wiggle worms I share a pew with.  Maybe it's the church structure, maybe it's my efforts...but my suspicion is that with a little Divine Assistance it is that our pastor was one of seven and being heard takes a certain calm but well "that" tone, and we feel so blessed to be part of our new parish.  But back to my point, the gospel on said Sunday was Joseph learning of Mary's pregnancy and the angels message and his acceptance and decision to still take Mary as his wife.  This is a gospel we've heard every year since birth, but it was the homily that spoke to me this year.  Father suggested we reflect on what Joseph expected out of life and for his future with Mary and his future children.  Reminding us that a carpenter was a good profession that would provide a good and stable life for his family and his visions of rearing his young family and raising them in their Jewish tradition.  The revelation that is future bride was with child would have been nothing short of earth shattering and his reaction of divorce understandable.  But it was his acceptance of what the angel revealed to him and his decision to marry Mary and raise Jesus as his son that are remarkable.  Joseph accepted the harder life, but as was revealed it was the life god asked him to live.  And that despite it's hardships it was in his acceptance that his life would be most full and rewarded.    As I've reflected over the last few weeks, I've come to realize that the Lord has driven my/our life to places we never dreamed of or planned and as with Joseph many of our blessings have come out of the perceived hardships and obstacles.  I don't feel I've done justice in either explaining the homily or my reflections but I hope as you read you are inspired to look at something differently.

As we put 2010 and all its events behind us and take the lessons forward, we look forward to closure to many of the big events in acceptance of how this closure comes will be a blessing no matter how unplanned the closure is....

But on to less deep things but the very core of our blessings and adventures in life...  This week we reflect on the birth of our Lord and his life and journeys as a small child as the Christmas season begins.  These reflections have changed over the years as we have grown from children to individuals to husband and wife to family with small children.  And as the kids have grown and their understanding is growing we have been called back to a much more innocent and open discussion of the meaning and impact of our God becoming Man and entering this world as a helpless infant.  Conversations and lessons are short and basic as the oldest member of the contributing audience is at the wise old age of 6.  But their understanding is pure and full of faith and we see first hand why Jesus called us all to have the faith of a little child.  The most frequent conversation has revolved around the fact that Jesus is God and when exactly He existed in his both spiritual and human forms...deeper than I ever expected from 4 and 6 year old's but points of great reflection for mommy and wee ones alike.

In the reflections on Jesus and his childhood, my mind and thoughts have been drawn to Mary and her role as Mother and Wife.  While I suspect her daily life might have played out a bit differently than most mother's, though her Son was still a boy and her husband still a man!  In these weeks that my children are home ALL day and all routines have vanished, I've found myself clinging to her and begging her to show me how to maneuver through these trying times and turn them into blessed ones.  And as I type there is now hair being pulled and little boys have off I go to attempt to mother my children in the image of Our Lady and not the possessed crazy and screaming woman that descends around here far to often...

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's been a week...

We have spent much of the week bustling around getting ready for the big day tomorrow...Sofia is turning 6 with a The Little Mermaid themed birthday party!!!  When and how she got this big is beyond me, let alone how it happened so fast.  But we'll come back to Fia later, this week started with the annual time change and "gaining an hour of sleep" and welcoming a new member to our family. 

On the getting extra no...that was for the Mark and Kim before children.  This year daylight savings time ended with Finn welcoming the new time/day at 5:30a with a miserable belly ache and cold.  And so far we have still not adjusted and I'm NOT a big fan of morning, let alone seeing at least one child by 6:30 every morning this week!   But on the upside Finn did sleep through the night in HIS bed Wednesday night :)

Our new family member?!  Yes, what on this earth could they possibly be thinking!  But he's so cute and he needed a home and well we (Mark) has a soft spot for furry creatures.  HE is currently named Diesel and is a 14lb Terrier/Chihuahua and NOT a puppy.  He is 5y.o. and house trained and crate trained and does not require a leash or fence to (mostly) listen.  He is my kind of pup :)  He LOVES the kids but his favorite by far is Mark and a distant second would be Finn, we have a guys guy.

Oh, but then came Monday morning!  Time changes mean clocks change and well apparently so do bus 1 minute early was bus #189 and out the door Fia and I raced with the dogs (Cera and Diesel) on our heels.  Well, up on the bus went Fia and then up on the bus went Diesel...aghhh!  First thing Sofia says when she gets off the bus in the afternoon "that dog made me have a bad day!".  Apparently by 8:40a her water bottle spilled all over her and she had to change at the nurses office.  Happy Monday!

The week did get better and we will end on the happiest note of our baby is turning 6!!!!  Be back soon with pics and more...

Friday, November 5, 2010

The beginning....

Well, here I am 6 years and almost 5 children into motherhood and I'm FINALLY going to start writing things down.  Sure the intent has been there since before Sofia (the oldest at 5y51w) was born, but alas the journals are still empty and other than the few entries in each of their babybooks the only records are random notes and emails and myriads of pictures.  Scrap-booking went by the wayside long before children, and well now that is just to daunting to even think about.  My goal in this is to have something for each of them, Mark and myself to read when feel inclined to look back over the years of dress-up and storytimes, family holidays and adventures, and the daily ups and downs of growing up in our family.

So it is in this moment we will begin....

after -- before seeing it
It is Fall 2010, time is passing quickly and everything is changes faster than I ever imagined it could.  In the last week we have had 1st haircuts for Finn and Eloise, the latter a result of a scissor "accident" involving scissors, Sofia's crafting and Eloise's hair.

After but before follow-up trimming
(Ok, it is significantly harder than I'd like to arrange photos ...oh well here they are and hopefully I'll get more adept at it with time.)

Last weekend was Halloween which for the kids was beyond exciting but after much stress and planning of costumes to ensure that each of the kids was "themselves" through their costume, I felt a bit disappointed.  But I guess the excitement and build-up and the candy bucket after are my treat :)  After years of "1st Halloween costumes" we finally have a little boy and Mark got to dress a bitty as Yoda. the computer is about 6 steps behind we'll finish this later...