Friday, November 5, 2010

The beginning....

Well, here I am 6 years and almost 5 children into motherhood and I'm FINALLY going to start writing things down.  Sure the intent has been there since before Sofia (the oldest at 5y51w) was born, but alas the journals are still empty and other than the few entries in each of their babybooks the only records are random notes and emails and myriads of pictures.  Scrap-booking went by the wayside long before children, and well now that is just to daunting to even think about.  My goal in this is to have something for each of them, Mark and myself to read when feel inclined to look back over the years of dress-up and storytimes, family holidays and adventures, and the daily ups and downs of growing up in our family.

So it is in this moment we will begin....

after -- before seeing it
It is Fall 2010, time is passing quickly and everything is changes faster than I ever imagined it could.  In the last week we have had 1st haircuts for Finn and Eloise, the latter a result of a scissor "accident" involving scissors, Sofia's crafting and Eloise's hair.

After but before follow-up trimming
(Ok, it is significantly harder than I'd like to arrange photos ...oh well here they are and hopefully I'll get more adept at it with time.)

Last weekend was Halloween which for the kids was beyond exciting but after much stress and planning of costumes to ensure that each of the kids was "themselves" through their costume, I felt a bit disappointed.  But I guess the excitement and build-up and the candy bucket after are my treat :)  After years of "1st Halloween costumes" we finally have a little boy and Mark got to dress a bitty as Yoda. the computer is about 6 steps behind we'll finish this later...

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