Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shhh! All is so quiet!

I'm likely going to regret this but "it is SO quiet here".  The sun is up and Finn is still sleeping, the big girls are playing quietly in their room, Mathilde is sleeping in my lap, and I'm sitting here at 8:39a with a hot cup of coffee in near silence.  Is the world ok?!  These moments don't happen often...

It's Spring Break this week.  Isobel has been off of school all week and Sofia's break begins today :)  and it has been a wonderful time to slow down and reflect both on the season and events of Passion week but also on our existence as a family.  We have spent the last year moving and up-ending our world and as the dust settles, I've been feeling a very strong pull and need to organize, purge and find peace.  And so far, well we are still in chaos physically; there are boxes and piles and THINGS that need attention.  But this week is a "break" from those physical concerns and the focus has been placed on our greater need for order and calm and what better way to find that with littles than a schedule change.  And it has been great and I'm really starting to look forward to summer and the great things we can do together.  We have done crafts and themes of the day and eaten at the table and just played.  And guess what? behavior has been good!

Monday was pirates.  Why? well because we have TONS of old paper towel rolls and what better way to use them than to paint them into telescopes.  So eye-patches down because "Arghhh Matey".
So proud of his creation!

working hard to coat every bit of it with paint
 After telescopes were painted and while they "patiently" waited for them to dry, we rested and watched Peter Pan.  And then..."all aboard" the pirate ship!
"mommy off the port bow"

A revolt! 
Tuesday was a little more tame with BUGS! inspired by the Very Hungry Caterpillar and SPING.  There were egg carton caterpillars, tissue paper butterflies and hunting for dandelions and bugs in the beautiful sunshine!

I so love watching him learn and explore

eliose creating..

Wednesday was a more relaxed day and return to the world with grocery shopping (twice) and cleaning.  The littles played and played and just were.

And here we are at Thursday already.  Holy Thursday...there will be an egg carton re-creation of the Last Supper.  And quiet, I hope, a time for more reflection and creating of order....

Well my boy is to have a great day with 5 of the greatest kids ever!  Wishing everyone a blessed day!

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