Thursday, August 18, 2011

A huge day...

I still have not decided how I can possibly tackle the posting of our entire summer into this space.  This falls into the category of way too daunting to think about! 

But today that is completely on hold and is filled instead with great hope and change and love!  I find myself pacing and waiting and stalking facebook and refreshing my email every 30 seconds and holding the phone with thumb ready to answer.  You see the hubby was in a very important meeting this morning and news has come in that it went great :)  (Details will come soon we hope!)  AND my baby sister is having her 4th baby girl!!!  No word yet but she should be being sewn back up and heading to recovery shortly, with baby safely in the nursery with her daddy.  I'm not often on this side of labor and delivery and well I'm not very good at it. 

So I find myself here, typing nothingness but hoping for the greatest news and this day being remembered as one of the greatest, most life changing days EVER! 

I find it amazing that everyday people are experiencing life changing and really history changing events in their lives and rarely does humankind pause and take notice.  A small baby is joining our family.  Everyone is forever changed.  She will make history.  Her sisters will forever have another best friend.  Her parents will have another gift to nurture and watch grow.  And whether our great-grandchildren learn about her in history class or through family stories, she will change this world!  Each one of us has and will change the history of our world.  What an awesome responsibility!

Our house has been focusing A LOT recently on this ability to be movers in this world.  To be examples in both big and small ways.  To use our talents and make our world and the greater world better.  To accept the Lord's Will and trust Him enough to accept it and live it.  To those who are given much, much is expected!

We have been given the gift of 5!  To witness to the world through our family that the Lord is great and through Him everything is possible and nothing is beyond Him.  We have been given the gift of higher education and intelligence and a desire to serve and in His Will we are lead to great tasks and greater good.

May the Lord give us the strength to witness and exist in His Will.

P.S.  Baby Molly has arrived and all are doing well :)

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