Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer is nearly gone...

How is it already 8/10?  How have I not managed to sit down and write here in over a month? 

There is a lot to catch up on and it'll take several postings.  I'd be tempted to say our summer was boring.  The day in and day out of nothing much on the calendar can get really monotonous with five little ones who want to stay home in their PJ's, and yes there were many days we did just that.  But we also have traveled, participated and vacation bible school, took swim lessons, and played.  It has been a HOT summer in the mountains.  This leaves us inside on most days and this mommy plagued with cabin fever.  The kids have seemed quite happy to play and run and wreak havoc in the house.  But I think we are all ready to resume the structure of the school year.

Since there is a certain 6 year old breathing down my neck to have her afternoon computer are a few pics and I'll go back to....

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