Monday, September 19, 2011

Dressing for the job you want....

not the job you have!  This is critical within the workforce.  We have focused on always making sure that Mark's work attire fits not the job he has, but the job he hopes to get next.  This has meant dress shirt, tie, dress slacks and me ironing EVERY morning for the last year.  I'm sure as we ready for the next step, we'll be throwing in another suit, a few sports jackets and maybe, nicer shoes.

But what does this adage mean for us - moms?!   This question is something I've wondered about a lot since Mathilde was born and I started getting my "real" clothes back out of storage.  There were A LOT of solids, a variety of sizes, many stains and even a few holes....very pitiful.  I looked at this wardrobe and my pony tail and wondered what this presentation of my self says to the world.  Well, actually forget what the world thinks, what message is this sending to my children.  I hope that one day they will look at their Daddy's career path and my career path and everything each entails with pride and ambition. 

But why on earth would they aspire to example in appearance and behavior had become blah! and very-overwhelmed-mother-of-five-who-doesn't-look-in-the-mirror looking.   This is the job I ALWAYS wanted - SAHM.  So why was I not dressing for this job - Confident, Capable, Organized Mother of Five. 

It was way overdue that this mom's uniform get an overhaul!!!

But how? 

First, an attitude adjustment!!!  This is a DAILY adjustment.  A reminder that yes, I have the best job on the planet.  It is not to be taken for granted. 

Second, find came in many forms.  It needs to be functional.  It needs to be flattering.  Mark's opinions matters a lot.  But much of the "how to" inspiration has come from the ladies at ain't no mom jeans.  I do not know these ladies at all, but they are brilliant and fun to read, and best of all they write about things I think and recommend products I can see myself using, and even better can AFFORD!  And I was also beyond thrilled when they featured a mom, who was wearing almost an exact replica of my favorite summer outfit. (after I wore it first :) yeah me!)  They've also recommended two products that I nearly immediately went out and further recommendations needed -  Just BittenRevlon's lipstick and a tank by Yummie Tummie (bought one of ebay for a 1/4 the price) - both are my newest favorite things!!!!

Third, the hair HAD to be cut!  I knew it was at an all time low when a) I walked by a mirror and thought to myself "this ponytail looks great today!" and b) Mark started recommending different cuts!!!  So I did it :)  And because of this I have to get up every morning and shower and take the 5 minutes to do a minimal amount of helpful in the goal of feeling put together.

Attitude, check and frequently double checked!  Inspiration, check!   Grown up haircut, check! 

Action...  How does a mother with a thousand other priorities and the rare extra few dollars find and build a wardrobe.  I started by evaluating what I have...solids and jeans.  Then, bring in inspiration and layer...voila!  New outfits :)  Yeah me! 

Next, THRIFT STORES!!  Yes, it was not so long ago I was embarrassed to be seen near one and will now gladly proclaim my love from the mountain tops!!!  We went to Goodwill this weekend and I decided enough was enough on the fall wardrobe, this mommy was looking for her first (typically, circle the store - kids clothes, books, toys, then if there's any patience left look for myself).  The days finds - 2 pairs of jeans (both of the $150+ variety), 1 pair cargo pants, cute jacket, 1 vest, 2 tops!!!  Yippee.  A weeks worth of outfits for for $25.50...the same as 1 pair cargo pants!!!  I am so grateful the women of the world who pay full price for things and then give them away in "like new" condition. 

I have always dressed Mark and the kids with pride and to build their self esteem.  Hoping that they'll always be seen as ready for whatever the world throws at them.  It was time to start dressing me to be able to catch everything, and stop looking and thus feeling like everything had been dropped on me.

And if I didn't far prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it there might one day be a picture ;)  

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  1. And you are so stop-traffio beautiful in everything you do and wear!