Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Farewell to Summer!

I love fall!  It is my favorite season!!!  But it started showing it's face the first week in September, even a little early for me.

Despite a not beautiful day for swimming, we packed the kids up for one last play-day at the lake a few Sundays ago.  I was resistant and came very close to throwing a mommy temper tantrum - you know throwing my hands up in the air, stomping my feet, screaming and making it a PJ afternoon instead.  But we had already told the kids (like you can un-tell 4 excited kids that we are changing our minds) and I had already spent an hour collecting everything we'd need for an afternoon by the lake. 

We loaded 5 kids, the giant green swim bag, stroller and food into the car and drove out to our favorite local stop - Todd Lake.  The kids slept on the way out, and Mark and I were able to be quiet and just together. 

We arrived to a nearly empty parking lot :)  There was only one other family on the beach and they were packing up to leave.  THE LAKE TO OURSELVES FOR THE AFTERNOON - pure joy!!!  Mark and I could easily track and watch all the kids.  It was a bit chilly so all the kids wanted to do was wade and play in the sand.  And they were so peaceful and happy to just play together.  No fighting, no fussing, and very minimal whining.  It was an afternoon of pure bliss and it was so hard to leave.   The only bad part of those hours spent by the lake was our camera died just as the kids got dressed and were playing on the playground.  We missed catching some beautiful moments on "film".

But like summer, it had to come to an end!

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