Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Excuse Me!


Manners are a great thing and I so love to hear polite little voices say "peas", "dank you" and "escooze me".   It is the last that has been greatly used by a certain 3y.o. recently.  She uses her magic words well and always has.   But a few weeks ago, we were in the grocery store and in a very clear and loud voice, she looks up and says "That was my butt.  It farted!"  It took a bit of mommy composure not to laugh, but to reintroduce her to "excuse me!".   Being Eloise she quickly adopted this new phrase and it has been used A LOT :)

There is a dilemma with "excuse me" though!  It must be used for those unpleasant bodily functions and for interrupting and gaining attention.  So we're working our way around this :)  Trying to avoid...small voice says "excuse me!"...Mommy says "yes, do you need something?"...small voice should not say "I'm otay mommy, I just urped!"  So the question of the week, how to pose the response without getting an undesired answer???


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