Friday, May 27, 2011

Graduation 2011

May 26, 2011!  Isobel Claire graduated from Pre-K!

We have spent the week last nearly 5 years building to this great evening.  This week we went shopping in a "real" store and she picked out a brand new dress.  "Mommy!  I'm going to be the most beautiful!" has been exclaimed several times.  We have counted the days and made teacher gifts and eagerly awaited "graduation".  She has been so excited and un-Isobel this week.

She chose Buffalo Wild Wings for her celebratory dinner; nothing better than chicken fingers and french fries.  She excitedly opened her gift from mommy and daddy - 6 my first I can read books and her first sight word flash cards! 

And then it was time!  We must take our baby and allow her to walk and graduate and grow!  And she sang and did the hand gestures and not an ounce of fear or anxiety was on her little face.  I wish we could give her this confidence everyday and maybe it is coming.  She will always be my shy baby, slow to warm to new environments and hesitant to act, but strong and determined and growing into the best her little girl and developing her personality with grace and heart.

As I watched our girl receive her diploma and stand with her class, I saw visions of her future self, future graduations and future successes.  I cannot wait to see who she will become and the gift she will be to the world.  Her future self is for us to nurture and her to discover.  The overwhelming and ultimate task of parents to grow children into one who walks in the Grace and Will of the Father, so they can confidently leave our nest in His Love and give the gifts they have been given by Him to the world.  Isobel is such a blessing and has taught us so much.  As we grow together I am eager to teach and to be taught!

She proclaims a desire to be a ballerina!  This summer dance lessons are on order.  Whether she become a dancer or not, we as her parents pray fervently that we raise her in to a confident and loved Child of God.

My eyes glanced to her siblings "watching" her.  As Eloise did the splits and Finn fussed over books and goldfish crackers, as Sofia stood watching her little sister with a bit of jealousy that some things are truly just another's event, and Mathilde sat cradled in her simply struck me the differences we'll see as the years pass and we celebrate every graduation and success as a family.  There may always be a bit of jealousy, antsy-ness, and distraction, but love is why we stand together to support each other and become better.

 The classroom, the teachers, the love that has helped us shape and grow... Isobel!!!

 The girl!  Celebrating and growing!  And eating the sugar version of herself!

 Kindergarten here she comes!!!!!!

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