Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good-bye 1st Grade!

Sofia has had a HUGE year!  She is naturally curious and loves all things science and history related, so those subjects were a breeze.  Math concepts come easily, and letter formation improved throughout the year. 

Waiting patiently for Bus 189 and Mr. Williams
Her most significant growth was in reading...and WOW!  She started the year well behind her classmates.  With fewer than 10 sight words committed to her memory, she tested into 1st grade but barely as she was placed in reading group 7 of 8.  On her PALS testing in August, she was in the pre-primer (or preschool) level.  Today, she brought home her most recent scores and she tests into the 3rd grade teaching level with sight word recognition into 4th grade. 

Almost summer...
We are beyond proud of you Sofia! 

...she stepped into summer a 2nd grader!
We will be spending the rest of this week deciding what we are going to read and what we want to learn about this summer.  High on this momma's list is to attempt to teach some basic organization skills and a desire for neatness.  And maybe make a calendar counting down to 2nd grade. 

I've already been informed that we have 10 weeks "until I get to go back to school"... 

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