Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Zoo's Trip to the Zoo

Getting started by the Cats
A couple weekends ago we took a road trip and met the Hassett-side of the family at the Smithsonian National Zoo!  Almost the whole family made it, Uncle Kyle was the only absentee!  That's 8 adults, 11 kids under 7 (one still in utero!), 3 strollers and gear for an army!

The day started a little rough with 2 potty stops on the 3 hour drive, slightly lost getting in and the meet up lot was full before we all got there.  But thankfully, the rest of the day was a huge success...i.e. all 11 kids were very well behaved!  The elephants are back and the kids loved the invertebrate and small mammal houses.  The chimpanzees on their sky walk were a hit.  Sadly, we saw neither bears (and it was bear weekend) or seals (their home is being rebuilt, I think).  And we missed the barn animals, but I guess since we live amid cow fields and have horses and a goat that this was ok.

The gorgeous birthday girl!
This is an annual trip to celebrate Charlotte's birthday.  This year she turned 5!!!!  There were zebra cakes and a picnic and one happy girl.  And it was not too hot :)  I hope we can do this with Charlotte every year...such a great tradition!

Happy birthday Charlotte Anne!

All ready to go!


Watching the chimpanzeeee!

Like father, Like son

Watching the tortoise

Having no opinion about lunch!? Or keeping it to themselves?!

Trying to decide where to picnic!



Hurry up and wait!

Caught on mommy's paparazzi camera

zebra cakes

Going to check out the creek..."Pop grab their hands!"

Always Seeking Trouble (AST)

Eloise in tow!

Our June birthday buddies!

All 11 Hassett grandkids summer 2011

Time to go before this face starts making noise...

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